Enhancing Efficiencies and User Experiences

Today’s world makes the integration of technology into our daily lives a necessity. We stand at the forefront of this integration, focusing on two critical areas: efficiencies in security & energy, and improving user experiences.   Efficiency: Security and Energy Security, a paramount concern in the modern age, is about both physical and digital safety. […]

Attain VR: Visualize, Adapt, and Decide in Real Time

In the realm of technology and design, the ability to visualize a project before it materializes is a huge advantage. Attain VR is a remarkable tool in this domain, offering a unique blend of visualization, adaptability, and decision-making capabilities. These three pillars – Visualize, Adapt, Decide – form the backbone of Attain VR’s innovative approach, […]

The Risks of a Cyber Attack in Buildings and How to Protect Yourself

It’s thrilling how the digital age has reshaped our lives. Among the most notable advancements are smart buildings. These architectural marvels seamlessly intertwine technology with infrastructure to create unparalleled conveniences and operational efficiencies. Equipped with sensors, actuators, and interconnected devices, smart buildings have the capability to self-regulate lighting, heating, cooling, security, and even manage waste. […]

Five Reasons Why Architects and Interior Designers Should Choose Attain

1- We’re easy to work with Let’s face it: IT jargon can be a challenge. This is why, when we talk about technology, we keep it simple. Our goal is to help you enhance the value of your design job. We do this by integrating technology from the outset of your project. The whole process […]

Attain Selected as Cadillac Fairview’s National Office Telecom Riser Management Provider

After a rigorous RFP process, Attain was chosen to provide Telecom Riser Management services for Cadillac Fairview’s (CF) commercial office portfolio in Canada.   The national multi-year contract allows Attain to leverage its proprietary AIM process – a unique approach ensuring customized needs with continuous evaluation and improvement.  AIM – Attain’s Intelligent Management program is […]

The Common Ground Between Architects, Interior Designers, and Technology

“If two or three agree on a common purpose, nothing is impossible.” — Jim Rohn      We could not agree more.     Great spaces start with great goals. As technology consultants, we share a common purpose with our architect and interior design partners to create spaces that meet the goals of our clients. While each […]

Real Estate 2.0 – Starting with the needs of the buildings AND the teams that manage them

  As part of our ongoing consultations with the real estate sector, we have been meeting with national portfolios and individual buildings to understand what challenges and opportunities they face, and how technology can support the short and long-term visions for their properties. For many, requirements are evolving, and quickly.        While many requirements […]

Three Legged Stools

The case for the 3-legged stool in building design    What does a three-legged stool have to do with successful buildings project?   The three-legged stool is an old business model worth revisiting. It is the idea that a project is supported by three main “legs.”  Each leg needs to be equally strong otherwise the […]

Carrots vs. Sticks

Managing the return to work  The office is no longer the only place to do work. For many, the early days of working remotely were bumpy to say the least as we collectively figured out makeshift workstations in our homes, sharing bandwidth with family, and navigating the myriad of video conferencing tools. For many if […]


This is when the table is being set. The preliminary budget is being developed, the scope of the project is discussed and honed, and the major shareholders and end users are identified. This is where the big ideas can begin to percolate and excitement builds.

How Attain can help :

Determining Budget

Scope Assessment

Industry Expertise