Building a solution together from the bottom up

Buildings are complex, multifaceted entities that require expertise across numerous domains to bring them to life.  Technology has and continues to evolve the way we interact with spaces.  Owner and occupant expectations for ubiquitous connectivity, seamless integration of technology services and continuous, insight lead improvement has forged a strong link between architects and technology experts.

At Attain, our end goal is simple – meeting the business objectives of the key stakeholders.  Our experts can integrate technology at the early stage of a project design or work seamlessly with architectural teams to build a solution together from the bottom up.

We work hard to be technology agnostic giving us the flexibility and agility to meet the specific needs of a project.  We do not have a one size fits all approach.

Our end-to-end project support ensure seamless transitions of technology requirements from design to construction, and construction to implementation.

We can help architects:

Create Audio-Visual environments that are comfortable, inspiring and creatively planned with-in budget requirements

Specializing in:

  • Collaborative Meeting technology
  • Command and Control centres
  • Specialized Multimedia Spaces
  • Digital Signage, Space Reservation, and Wayfinding
  • Speech Privacy systems

Incorporate security design/specifications.

Specializing in:

  • Security Operations Centers
  • Camera and Video Management Systems
  • Access Control Systems and Door Hardware Coordination
  • Door Hardware
  • Vehicle and Individual Barrier Systems
  • Mass Notifications/Lockdown Systems
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Integrate IT network into a functional Architectural design

Specializing in:

  • Telecom spaces and cabling infrastructure
  • Wi-fi design & Cellular extension (DAS) design
  • Carrier integration
  • Data Centre Design
  • Outside plant design (duct banks)

Ensure Smart Tech is woven into the buildings design coordinated with stakeholders to provide a holistic technology integration

Specializing in:

  • What technologies should be integrated at the stage of planning the smart building construction
  • Providing ROI and saving models
  • Digital IP backbone
  • Cybersecure and resilient
  • Automation with sensing technologies
  • Robust network and backup power systems

Coordinating with:

  • Security and access
  • Building automation system (BAS)
  • Utility Data
  • Fire
  • HVAC management
  • Weather
  • Social networks (bus schedules, ride share etc.)
  • Occupancy and optimizing space usage
  • Smart parking
  • Smart elevators
  • Lighting management
  • Air Quality monitoring
  • Business centres and offices

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