Tenants, end-users and owner-occupied buildings

The workplace has, and will continue to change.

The workplace has to be a place where you can connect, feel at home and make your work day and life simpler. Our goal is to design technology that allows you to connect and use the technology to make your life simpler. 

For some, the change is evolutionary with incremental improvements over time. For others, the shift is transformational or revolutionary, anchored in foundational changes about where and how we work.  

Technology is a the centre of this change. It is the strongest enabler and differentiator for productivity and tenant satisfaction in the workplaces. The workplace requires always connected environment.  Collaboration in person or from a remote location, allowing all attendees to connect, to listen and contribute and to be productive in the new workplace is more important than ever.  This requires careful planning and “always on” connectivity; working where you want to work, when you want to work. 

We can help tenants and occupants: 

Enable diverse workplaces.    

  • Supporting in-house, remote and hybrid teams by completing understanding your requirements through workshops, education and team  

Eliminate pain points 

  • Complex set ups, rigid work stations, patchy connectivity – the largest complaint we hear is “just make it simple” – let the technology work when we need it.   

Amplify productivity 

  • Fluid work and collaboration spaces ensuring you can connect 

Feel safe and secure 

  • Ensuring traffic, cleaning, temperature and access are measured to react and plan for tenant needs – the network is used to help support facility management and maintenance – occupancy sensors, understanding who is in the building and when.  Better utilizing space and resources through networked technology. 

Support agility 

  • This era has shown how quickly employees can learn, adapt and expect more.  Technology planning needs to foster this curve.  

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