Smart Buildings

What if your building could work better for you?

Smart Buildings can simultaneously unlock the top and bottom-line potential of your asset and help safeguard against risk.  Space utilization can be maximized, operational costs minimized, and performance made predictable.   As the user and tenant experience is optimized, so is the value of your building.   Integrated cyber and network security and by applying control systems we protect the system, provide peace of mind, and make the management of complex facilities easier.

Smart Buildings are the new standard and are driving today’s most successful commercial buildings, campuses, and cable plants. At the core of each Smart Building is an intelligence backbone driven by technology. The right backbone enables a smart building, reduces capex, improves tenant services, frees up rentable space, increases security, and reduces energy consumption.

The risk to Smart Buildings that do not start with the right planning and infrastructure is significant. Disparate systems, security holes, non-ideal system commitments and structures that can be outpaced by technology can be devastating to the value of building.

The potential of Smart Buildings that have the right strategic foundation is tremendous.

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to designing Smart Buildings to maximize opportunity and minimize risk. We enable smart communication through the integration of the various layers of connectivity necessary for effective communication between sensors and control system. We ensure the right foundation, including networking of fibre optic and wireless connections to link all these low voltage systems and guarantee always-on, real-time, smart monitoring.

Attain’s Smart Building team partners with owners and managers, and collaborates with architects, interior designers, and construction engineers to connect all the dots related to network and connectivity critical to the healthy operation of all low voltage systems and a fully integrated Smart Buildings System.

We provide end-to-end project management, from concept through commissioning for the following systems:

  • IT/Network/Wireless
  • Security
  • Building Operations
  • Audio-Visual/Multimedia
  • Property Management Systems
  • Parking Operations
  • Building Automation and Control Systems
  • Tenant notification
  • Room scheduling and occupancy management systems

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