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September 9, 2021
Our experience economy has prompted a shift in Real Estate from the buildings to the people that occupy them. Tenant experience is and will continue to be at the center[...]
Author: Eric Yapp
Director, Real Estate
Eric brings over 20 years of experience at the intersection of technology and process improvements in the Commercial Real Estate sector. As Director of Sales at Attain, Eric is focused on looking for opportunities for new and existing clients to unlock the potential of their buildings.


August 30, 2021
Brad Couse, Attain’s Vice-President of Audio-Visual Systems, shares his insights on how audio-visual systems have the power to transport people and foster collaboration. Q: You seem like you live and[...]


August 30, 2021
Our own President, Derrick Hanson was featured in The Real Spaces Magazine. Derrick talks about the technological workplace changes that have come about since COVID arose, how companies have shifted,[...]
Darren Fleming & Josh Barr
, The Real Spaces Magazine





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