Your Building’s Comprehensive Technology Management

Attain360 seamlessly integrates into your building, enhancing efficiency, safety, and the overall user experience. Our holistic approach ensures a smarter, more connected building that’s expertly handled.

Unparalleled Offerings

A comprehensive suite of service options for optimal technological performance and efficiency

Carrier Access

Facilitating and overseeing telecommunication carrier installations.

Technology Onboarding

Centralized documentation and planning for introducing new systems and making changes to existing ones.

Legal Agreement and Documentation Handling

Ensuring all legal and documentation aspects are covered for technology installations.

Equipment Obsolescence Planning

Strategically planning for technology upgrades and replacements.

Rooftop Antenna

Managing rooftop antennas 
and related equipment.

Infrastructure Riser Management

Managing the vertical spaces 
and pathways for technology infrastructure.

 Benefits Tailored for Every Stakeholder

Building Owners

Maximized property value and technology ROI.


Enhanced safety, productivity, and speed to deployment.

Contractors / Carriers

Streamlined planning with comprehensive information availability

Building Owners

Streamlined operations and maintenance with improved planning.

Building Owners

Improved interaction with technology-enabled spaces.

Ready to transform your building?

Advanced Tools 
and Technologies

Attain360’s innovative tools and technologies manage your building’s needs. Our user-friendly interface and powerful features efficiently administer a seamless operation.

Screenshot POP Farm 1YP2Screenshot POP Farm 1YP2
Screenshot Time Travel Photo 4711L14Screenshot Time Travel Photo 4711L14
Screenshot Time Travel Photo 4711L12Screenshot Time Travel Photo 4711L12
Screenshot Time Travel Photo 4711L09Screenshot Time Travel Photo 4711L09
Screenshot Time Travel Photo 4711L04Screenshot Time Travel Photo 4711L04
Screenshot Rooftop Time Traveler Improvement 4100YScreenshot Rooftop Time Traveler Improvement 4100Y
Screenshot Rooftop Time Traveler 4100YScreenshot Rooftop Time Traveler 4100Y
Screenshot Riser Photo 16Y28Screenshot Riser Photo 16Y28
Screenshot IoT cabinet Photo 15YP3Screenshot IoT cabinet Photo 15YP3
Screenshot IoT cabinet Photo 15YP2Screenshot IoT cabinet Photo 15YP2

Real-world Success Stories

Canadian real estate giant adopts Attain360

Canada’s major property owner adopts Attain360 for extensive carrier infrastructure management. In 2023, an all-encompassing IoT systems audit and documentation were conducted to support technological upgrades.

Montreal Complex Centralizes Tech with Attain

Montreal’s vast office complex consolidates management of telecom and IoT infrastructures over five buildings using Attain. This strategic decision underscores a commitment to streamlined, integrated technological operations.

Vancouver Development Embraces Attain360 Strategy

A landmark Vancouver development project selects Attain360 for comprehensive planning of carrier fiber and DAS systems. This move ensures improved space utilization and elevates planning and documentation processes.


How is Attain360 different from traditional engineering firms?

Attain360 brings two decades of operational management to complement our consulting and engineering services, with a focus on enhancing technology and telecom environments rather than just moving to the next project.

In what ways does Attain360 stand apart from riser management?

While other programs may concentrate on access management, Attain360 offers a broader scope, including pre and post-installation reviews, maintaining up-to-date documentation, and providing online data access to support operational continuity.

Why choose Attain over integrators and contractors?

As independent consultants, we offer an unbiased perspective and are not tied to any products or technologies, ensuring that our guidance and management align with your operational team's needs.

How does Attain360 differ from ratings programs used in leasing?

Many ratings programs focus on leasing aspects without enhancing operational management or building conditions. Attain360 fills this gap by delivering services that improve the building's operational state​​.

Ready to Transform Your Building?

Elevate your building’s technology with Attain360. 

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Hear from our Clients

Thanks to you and your team. We know that we can always count on you and the rest of the Attain team. Yes, there were some challenges, but it is always easier to work through challenges when we work with people we can trust.

Jack Doyle, General Manager Algonquin Students’ Association

“At the end of the project, we had saved over $100,000 in cabling costs. The Attain team was not afraid to question our initial assumptions and come up with a better solution.”


“They are experts in what they do, and their advice is always unbiased.”



This is when the table is being set. The preliminary budget is being developed, the scope of the project is discussed and honed, and the major shareholders and end users are identified. This is where the big ideas can begin to percolate and excitement builds.

How Attain can help :

Determining Budget

Scope Assessment

Industry Expertise