Five Reasons Why Architects and Interior Designers Should Choose Attain

1- We’re easy to work with

Let’s face it: IT jargon can be a challenge. This is why, when we talk about technology, we keep it simple. Our goal is to help you enhance the value of your design job. We do this by integrating technology from the outset of your project. The whole process is driven by a collaborative spirit that makes working with us productive, rewarding and – fun! 


2- We’re bilingual. We speak IT and property management

You don’t need to be worried that we’re going to overwhelm you with technical details. We simplify technology by taking complex terminology and explaining the job we’re doing in your terms.  We speak in a language that is friendly and accessible to you. 


3- Better coordinated and delivered schedule

We offer a full service solution to its clients, from the initial idea or concept to the final design completion. The technology consultant assigned to the project will be involved throughout the entire process to make sure that the project is proceeding as planned and staying within the budget. The consultant will play a key role in ensuring that schedules are being met, and will work closely with you to make sure that the end result meets their expectations.


4- The output of the building is far better

Technology is integrated from the very first thought; in fact, it starts with the client’s business goals. As you involve us in the design process, we think about how to best enable your clients to meet their goals. When our business-driven technology plan is integrated from concept development onwards, the happier your clients will be. In addition, we stay on top of technological advances, which means we can help you design the most innovative and dynamic building spaces.


5- You will have happier clients

We often hear from architects and designers that their clients are happy because we took away the IT headache. Your clients, in addition to you, have access to us throughout the entire process, from concept to project completion. We find this approach has produced more meaningful outcomes for everyone involved. When the process is driven by a collaborative spirit, everyone benefits! 

Derrick Hanson
, President
Derrick is a people person. This led him to co-found Attain in 2004 out of a desire to apply his technology and business knowledge to client opportunities and the desire to create a company of great people that share this vision. He has been in the cabling infrastructure & telecom business for more than 35+

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