Who We Are

We believe that the spaces where we work, play, live and learn should enable us across all facets of our lives. The windows, walls and location of our spaces will only meet their full potential through technology.

We understand that the functional and business needs of end users are wide and evolving faster than ever. Also, the range of technology solutions is constantly expanding while simultaneously requiring increased integration. Furthermore, owners and users are not well equipped to leverage what technology can provide.

In 2004, Attain was founded on the premise of bridging the full capabilities of technology with the needs of end users.

We are technology consultants. In practice we are advocates and trusted partners for those we work with.

Technology solutions are so vast that virtually anything is possible. The true challenge of all projects is to fully scope the needs of the users and owners to ensure that the technology solution fits. Our consultative approach ensures that the requirements meet the function and business needs of the client, that budgets are right-sized and planned properly, and that risks from time and redundancy are mitigated.

We love technology but are passionate about client needs.

Our Mission

We are technology consultants that make buildings smarter.

Our Vision

To provide strategic counsel on all types of technology – IT, AV, wireless networks, security – the systems that make workplaces work smarter for everyone no matter where they happen to be.

Our Values

People-First Culture

We prioritize our team members and put their needs at the forefront of every decision.

Positive Attitude

We approach every challenge with optimism and a can-do attitude.

Integrity & Responsibility

We believe that doing the right thing is always the next step.

Creativity & Innovation

We are a team of passionate and curious individuals who thrive on creativity and innovation.

Our Team

Our team has grown to over 30 technology and project management experts that all share this common mission. Our services have grown to cover all aspects of technology that work to create smarter buildings. Learn more about our team, careers and our impact on the community.

We genuinely are an entire organization of people that give a $#!%.

It is fascinating to see how the people at Attain care as much as we do about our work, our clients, and each other.

Ashley Lawrence

Director, Operations

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This is when the table is being set. The preliminary budget is being developed, the scope of the project is discussed and honed, and the major shareholders and end users are identified. This is where the big ideas can begin to percolate and excitement builds.

How Attain can help :

Determining Budget

Scope Assessment

Industry Expertise