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Now, more than ever, the partnership of technology and interior design are essential to developing buildings, spaces and experiences that meet the needs of all building stakeholders.  Appealing to the buyers and users of today’s spaces demands that smart technology be at the heart of design.   Features once seen as luxuries are now staples, and the need for agile user led design has never been greater.

For many, the key question is when to start?  The short answer is now.   Spaces can be retrofitted or designed from the ground up.   The key is to bring in a technology consulting team as early as possible.   Design plans that leave technology as an afterthought are often wrought with compromises for all stakeholders – both aesthetically and functionally.  Design plans that integrate technology early in the design allow for a greater vision, seamless integration with other components and room for agility.

Smart choices made early can help future proof the infrastructure – avoiding challenges and disappointments further down the line.

We can help Interior Designers integrate:

  • Rooftop antennas and related equipment
  • In-building Wi-Fi
  • In-building cellular extension systems
  • Near-field communications
  • Smart building networks

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