Real Estate

We see buildings for what they are - to you.

We understand that they are assets with incredible potential, and a measure of risk. We also see beyond the bricks and mortar. At their best buildings are fluid and evolve as technology and construction allows AND as occupants and tenants demand.

We approach all projects with the same lens as owners, property and facility management.

We look to:

  1. Reduce risk and liability
  2. Monetize assets where you can
  3. Drive revenues  (ideally profit through the management of both top and bottom line)
  4. Secure and retain tenants

Our experience spans multiple projects types and asset classes, including retail, residential, commercial and industrial.

We work with owners, property managers, facility managers and other partners charged with the build or retrofit of a building. 

Our services include:

Life cycle planning

  • TBCR – Technology Building Condition Reports
  • Asset Management; pathways, TR – Telecom Rooms, Rooftops
  • AIM – Attain Infrastructure Management (a managed program of above two)
  • Smart Building Infrastructure to implementation.

Partner support

  • Working with existing partners on site.


  • Documentation via TLA – Telecommunications License Agreement
  • Drawing Reviews – Inspections of Carrier Work
  • Coordination of Carrier Construction

Smart Building

  • Wireless Design and Audits
  • Security
  • Audio Visual
  • Base Building Backbone Network Design
  • System Integration

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