Abandoned Cable:
A Burning Issue?

Building owners are now responsible for fire code violations surrounding abandoned cable. The National Fire Code 2006 has specific rules with respect to abandoned cable. Let Attain help you make the right decision before you get burned.

Do you:

1) Remove all cable?
2) Remove some and leave the rest?
3) What is worth keeping?
4) What value is the cable in the ceiling for the nexttenant?
5) How much will the removal cost and how much isit worth?

These are important questions that can either save you money or make a negativeimpact on your operating budget. And that isn’t even mentioning the risk. All that abandoned cable is basically a fuel load. By having a comprehensive program in place, you can help to reduce the risk to your portfolio and your company.

The Riser Orphan - Adopting a Backbone

We see it everyday in our deregulated market; the orphaned riser system. Cables unwanted and pushed out of the nest by their parents, (the CRTC and Ma Bell) since The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC's) 1997 decision to deregulate Canadian Telecommunications. The concept of choice in Telecom carriers has left pathways and spaces full of orphaned cable. Fast forward to 2007, more carriers installing more cables and no one taking accountability for their removal or ownership of the backbone. The result, abandoned cable which not only fills up necessary space, but that puts the infrastructure and the tenants at risk. Take control of your building! You may find the idea grows on you and makes you proud. Call The Attain Group for more information.

Getting the most from your TBCRs

Telecommunications infrastructure is a vital asset for property owners. Management of this asset is necessary to retain existing tenants and attract new prospects. Building owners are often unaware of the state of their telecommunications assets,and may not have a clear understanding of which carriers are present in their building, what type of voice and data services they offer, or whether the building infrastructure is sufficient to support tenant technology requirements. The TBCR is a comprehensive telecommunications audit that ensures property owners have a clear understanding of their telecommunications assets, associated liabilities, and lifecycle planning requirements for telecom and other low-voltage systems.




What is the risk to Building Owners and Property managers in adopting new technologies too soon? What if you wait too long and may be losing existing or prospective tenants by missing opportunities to upgrade your infrastructure. That's where The Attain Group can help you make the right decision for your portfolio.


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