At Attain, we provide trusted and strategic counsel on all types of technology — IT, AV, wireless networks, and security - the systems that make workplaces work smarter for everyone no matter where they happen to be.

Advice Engineered for your Project.

Attain experts work with you and your team every step of the way, from audit to design to installation to commissioning.

Solutions that Work
Every Time

We are technology agnostic, so you get exactly what you need when you need it for your project.

Ideal Integration

We tread lightly, respecting environmental design, existing agreements, relationships and infrastructure, as well as legacy systems.

The Attain Difference

Experience “The Attain Difference”, where technology and humanity seamlessly intersect. Utilizing custom solutions, we design each unique project with its success and the simplification of users’ lives in mind. At Attain, technology is more than a tool—it’s an integral part of who we are.

Voted Ottawa’s

#1 Best Place to Work

This award is validation that we are going in the right direction when making employee well-being a top priority. The work our team members do tips the scales and meets our client’s needs because we have a passionate team working together to deliver the best services possible.

Smart Solutions for Smart Buildings.

Our team of consultants work with architects, interior designers, building owners and construction engineers from pre-construction/retrofit through commissioning to fully integrate in-building technology infrastructure into general design requirements. We strive to transform workspaces into smart, sustainable spaces that look good and work for everyone. 

Understand the latest in-building technology systems that enable seamless collaboration for the hybrid workforce.
Deploy, restore or upgrade wireless networks to comply with all standards, including Wi-Fi, 5G Cellular and IoT wireless systems standards.
Making buildings smarter with the right technology backbone and integrating all building systems including security access and control to optimize building performance, safeguard people and protect intellectual and physical property.
Gain full visibility into potential threats through comprehensive security systems design and implementation.
Design collaborative, functional, accessible, user-friendly audio-visual experiences for places that people work, play, live, and worship.
Plan network connectivity infrastructure requirements for buildings, campuses, computer rooms, data centres, and cable plants.
Fulfill in-building telecommunications requirements and enhance tenant experience while safeguarding smart building infrastructure through a comprehensive building technology assessment.

Attain Spotlight


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We are both consultants and engineers – however, we are people too. 

We apply technology solutions in our own work, as we do for our clients, to get all of us home to our families sooner. We believe that technology should be reliable, intuitive, and simple to use.  Done right, technology can make work and home life more enjoyable.

Derrick Hanson


Our Customers’ Voice

Thanks to you and your team. We know that we can always count on you and the rest of the Attain team. Yes, there were some challenges, but it is always easier to work through challenges when we work with people we can trust.

Jack Doyle, General Manager Algonquin Students’ Association

At the end of the project, we had saved over $100,000 in cabling costs. The Attain team was not afraid to question our initial assumptions and come up with a better solution.


They are experts in what they do, and their advice is always unbiased.


Our Results

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Ivanhoé Cambridge and Manulife partnered as Maison Manuvie’s owners, to bring a new standard in...

Bank of Canada Head Office Renewal Project

At the intersection of architectural design and technology, a customized solution enabled the retrofit of...

Non-Profit Organization

A modern Activity Based approach to the workplace is brought to life through innovative architectural...
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This is when the table is being set. The preliminary budget is being developed, the scope of the project is discussed and honed, and the major shareholders and end users are identified. This is where the big ideas can begin to percolate and excitement builds.

How Attain can help :

Determining Budget

Scope Assessment

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