Magazine Articles

Industry magazine articles written by The Attain Group experts or otherwise of interest.

CNS Industry Panel, February 2012

The Attain Group's Robert Horne was one of 10 industry experts assembled by CNS Magazine to discuss and debate topics ranging from the green movement and the life expectancy of Cat 6A to the changing role of consultants.

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Smarter & Smarter Buildings
(PDF – 803 KB)

Cabling Network Systems (CNS) magazine, September-October 2011. The Attain Group's Robert Horne is quoted at length in this informative article.

Should Cabling Be Getting The Shaft?
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Cable & Networking Magazine

The Attain Group's Robert Horne, RCDD, penned an article in Cable and Networking Magazine that explores a better way to distribute low-voltage backbone cabling in a multi-storey building.

Government Workings
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CNS Magazine

The Attain Group's Robert Horne contributed to this article by Lawrence Cummer about IT concerns and challenges faced by government.