Attain Provides Unbiased Review of Data Room Condition, Needs

Client: Crown Corporation

Project Summary:

Detailed condition report for data centre


The Attain Group recently helped a major Crown Corporation prepare a survey and condition report for its computer room/data centre.


Attain first worked with the corporation’s national facilities and IT groups to develop a national standard that specifies corporate standards for the computer room/ data centre, then developed a report card and budget to bring the room up to standard.

Work Performed:

We created a national standard for the Crown Corporation that documents standards for the organization's computer/data centre(s) in the following disciplines:

  • Architectural (room sizes, preferred sitting location, ceiling, and raised floor heights etc.)
  • Mechanical (hot/cold aisles, including temperature and humidity requirements)
  • Electrical (lighting, power distribution units, UPS and generator, type and style of equipment plug, grounding and bonding)
  • Telecommunication infrastructure (copper and fibre cabling, pathways, racks and cabinets, termination products, testing, and documentation).

We also developed a Computer Room Gap Analysis process, which included standardized audit forms for each of the disciplines as well as a reporting format. This provided the client with an easy-to-read and understand document that included (by discipline):

  • A Report Card showing how the audit data compared to their national standards. The report card is colour coded using red, yellow, and green to give a quick visual indication of how well the room met the standards in each area.
  • Items that did not meet the standard were given a priority for remediation based on the risk and liability from the perspectives of health, safety and business impact.
  • A Class C budget (+25/-15%) required to bring the surveyed room up to standards.


Attain's service benefited the client’s IT group as well as the national and local facilities groups which support these vital, mission-critical rooms. The report provided our client with an unbiased review of the condition of its valuable data room asset. With a clear and concise report that highlights risk, assigns priority, and provides a budget, those responsible can make solid business and fiscal decisions. It also enables more accurate forecasting of major expenditures and helps to eliminate unseen costs during upgrades and renovations.