Attain Saves Client Over $100,000 in Cabling Costs

Project Summary:

Communications fit-up for new data centre


A large federal government department retained The Attain Group to manage the communications fit-up of a data center during its relocation to a new complex. Uncertainty about the required fire ratings for low-voltage communications cabling arose; our client had been advised that a particular cable rating for a raised floor would be required. While the National Fire Code deals directly with low-voltage cabling, the code generally needs to be properly interpreted for specific buildings, regions and the spaces within those buildings, such as plenums.


As a routine part of our Build, Move, Adds & Changes ("Fit-Up") services, we:

  • Questioned and further investigated the ruling the client had obtained.
  • Worked with a codes consultant to analyze the fire code and obtained a ruling for this specific situation.
  • When the ruling differed from the original, we obtained the agreement of all necessary parties, including the City.

Work Performed:

Staying abreast of codes, interpreting how they apply to a specific situation, and ensuring that telecommunications infrastructure is up to par for both tenants and owners are just a few of the services that we provide to real estate owners and their tenants.


In the end, the new ruling saved the client over $100,000.00 in cabling costs, which they put towards other aspects of the fit-up. As it turned out, either of two cable ratings would have met the fire code. But, without the expertise to question the cable rating or obtain a ruling, and erring on the side of caution, the client would not have obtained these savings without our involvement.