Your Building’s Roof is Hot Property

Never before has a building’s roof been more valuable. In the past, a roof was merely a part of the building envelope providing protection against the elements. Today, it represents great potential value to building owners. For example

  • • Green roofs provide greater energy efficiency
  • • It may serve as a home for cellular antennas
  • • It’s a potential future home for solar panels and windmills

Carriers Want Your Rooftop
You have likely already been approached by mobile service providers who are looking for rooftop real estate to house their cellular equipment to provide cellular service to the street and the surrounding neighborhood. If you haven’t yet had such a request, it’s likely that you will soon, because Industry Canada has issued several new licenses for several new cellular network operators. Some of the new kids on the block – cellular carriers you may be hearing from – include

  • • Globalive (Wind Mobile)
  • • Dave Wireless (Moblicity)
  • • Videotron
  • • Shaw
  • • Public Mobile

Best Practices for Leasing Rooftop Real Estate
When considering licensing rooftop real estate to a cellular carrier, remember that YOU maintain all rights as the owner of the roof and the building. You should

  • • Charge market rates for use of the roof
  • • Sign your standard form of agreement
  • • Ensure you are recovering all possible direct and indirect costs associated with the carrier’s use of the roof
  • • Have the installation plans reviewed by professionals to ensure work is being done to codes, standards, and best practices – as well as to ensure that the roof and entire building envelope are protected and that future uses of the roof are not impeded.

What is the best use of your roof? This is a decision that only you – the building owner – has the business acumen to make. But, you will likely require expert guidance and information about the potential value that your rooftop holds. The Attain Group can provide you with guidance, expertise, and – if you choose – to undertake negotiations with cellular carriers on your behalf.


The Attain Group, Property Owners, and Cellular Carriers

Over the past 18 months, The Attain Group has helped a major cellular network operator and its real estate clients to design and install a number of cellular network sites in Ontario, Quebec, and dozens of sites across Canada. Attain designed the rooftop cellular installations to meet and manage standards and specifications of both the carrier and the property owners. We have also streamlined the process so that all parties have remained free to focus on their core business practices.


The Attain Group Wins Pinnacle Award

BOMA Canada honoured The Attain Group with the national Pinnacle Award for Customer Service Company on September 15, 2010 at the BOMEX conference in Toronto.

Providing excellent customer service means having processes in place to ensure that we always provide value to customers in at least two of three areas: mitigating clients’ risk and liability, developing operational efficiencies, and improving tenant retention. The Pinnacle Award is a satisfying confirmation that our programs for real estate professionals are delivering on that promise.

The BOMEX conference helps us keep in tune with developments and trends in the real estate industry. We were also pleased to sponsor the TOBY Gala and were on hand to support and cheer on all the winners.



Attain welcomes these new members to its professional staff:
• Ben Nyveld, RCDD, TPM
• Sylvain Charuest, RCDD



Did You Know?

Actress Hedy Lamarr and her neighbor, George Antheil, received a patent in 1941 for a frequency hopping device which used a piano roll to change between 88 frequencies and was intended to make radio-guided torpedoes harder for enemies to detect or jam. This patent continues to serve as the basis for modern Wi-Fi network connections by allowing carriers to rapidly switch among many frequency channels. In 1998, Ottawa wireless technology developer, Wi-LAN, Inc., acquired a 49-percent claim to the patent from Hedy Lamarr for an undisclosed amount of stock.


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