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Welcome to The Attain Group’s new-and-improved newsletter for real estate professionals – now featuring news and industry information in a more concise format! For comments, questions and service, please contact Christine Doyle at

The Attain Group not only focuses on traditional telecommunication systems – we also provide services for non-traditional communication systems in support of building and tenant operations. This and future newsletters will focus on all forms of communications systems of concern to building owners and operators.


Multimedia Building Systems

“Multimedia” describes two or more forms of media used in a presentation. It also implies that the participant has the ability to proactively navigate the presentation. For building owners, multimedia refers to sophisticated conference centres that include media such as audio and visual presentations; touch screen signage; virtual concierge services; security systems; building automation systems, and so on. All these systems require communication cabling, either wired or wireless. The next time you want to upgrade any systems in your building would be an ideal time to consider how your building and tenant services could be enhanced through multimedia technology.


Multimedia National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC)

The Attain Group recently helped to develop a national emergency operations centre (NEOC) that will be used as a primary communications hub in national, international or global emergency situations. Within the NEOC, operations personnel will have an at-a-glance access to information streaming from television channels, satellites, GIS mapping, DVDs, video conferences, and other sources.

The operations room consists of a cube wall display powered by a processor and controlled by a touch-screen panel. Operators can select displays from a number of cube layouts, computers from 25 people working in the room and various other media sources. Media sources may include the computers of the people working in the room, various feeds from cable television, satellite television, smart boards and video conferencing.

Attain developed the functional requirements for the NEOCs technical and functional design, defining the technologies and systems to be integrated into the NEOC, how they will interact together, and how much technology is required. We worked with the end-users to determine their requirements; with designers to consult on the layout of the room and furniture selections; and with service providers to evaluate best possible technological options. The result is an integrated design solution that provides maximum functionality and easy operation for all participants.


The Attain Group Wins Pinnacle Award

BOMA Ottawa honoured The Attain Group with the Pinnacle Award for Customer Service Company on May 6, 2010. Providing excellent customer service means having processes in place to ensure that we always provide value to customers in at least two of three areas: mitigating clients’ risk and liability, developing operation efficiencies, and improving tenant retention. The Pinnacle Award is a satisfying confirmation that our programs for real estate professionals are delivering on that promise.


Did You Know?

The term “multimedia” was first used in 1966 by Bob Goldstein to promote his light show in Southampton, Long Island. In the 1970s the term was used to describe presentation using multiple images timed to music. Today multimedia includes text, images, animation, and video in an interactive form. Tomorrow’s definition is limited only by your imagination.


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