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Run Interference with a Virtual Real Estate Strategy

Tenants and staff love all the new wireless technology that allows connectivity anywhere in a building. However, these systems may require property managers to run interference.

In particular, you should be concerned with building and tenant Wi-Fi systems and building automation systems (BAS). The term “Wi-Fi pollution” has entered our vernacular because these networks all use common frequencies. The proliferation of Wi-Fi access points, together with other devices that use the common frequency (such as building wireless BAS controls and sensors, security devices, microwaves, other business equipment, etc.), has created a “Wi-Fi smog” that can become problematic in multi-user buildings by decreasing or even interrupting wireless signals.

We are not suggesting that property managers should shy away from installing Wi-Fi and other wireless systems – in fact, these systems can be high-value-add offerings that make your buildings more attractive to tenants and more competitive in the market. However, as with all projects, planning and correct implementation is critical. Just as property owners have a leasing strategy, you should also develop an “virtual real estate” strategy. The strategy should include:

  • Planning for all foreseeable wireless technology;
  • Interference clauses in tenant and carrier agreements;
  • Wireless services as a common area or base building amenity; and,
  • other contractual concerns.

Wireless technology is becoming a very important tool for real estate owners and its importance will only increase. In addition to offering tenants and visitors convenience, it can also be used as a marketing tool (to provide direct and targeted messaging to tenants and visitors), and as a messaging tool by property management (to provide real-time important and/or emergency information to occupants of the building).

For information and advice about effectively planning for virtual real estate in your properties, please contact Attain’s Real Estate Services Manager: Christine Doyle


Landlord vs. Tenant Wi-Fi System – A Case Study

A Montreal-based, internationally renowned law firm hired The Attain Group to provide telecommunication engineering for its tenant improvement project. Our mandate was to provide all the wired, wireless, and network engineering and construction management for the firm’s new office premises.

During the construction phase of the project, the landlord was simultaneously installing a wireless building automation systems (BAS) system for HVAC controls using the Zigbee protocol. This would have created potential interference between the BAS and the firm’s wireless network. The Attain Group worked with Johnson Controls, the landlord, and the firm to resolve potential interference issues between both systems. The frequencies and power levels on both systems were adjusted and standard distance between devices were established to reduce interference. In addition, The Attain Group established parameters to deal with any possible future interference issues, and this became the basis of an agreement signed between the Landlord and our client.

Both systems were installed successfully and today operate without interference.


Did you Know?

Telecommunication industry pundits predict that 2012 will see the growth and emergence of smart phones and tablets into daily business life. As these devices become more prevalent in business applications, the demand for wireless communications within buildings will continue to grow.

This is a sample of the experts’ predictions for 2012:

Dr. John Sullivan (a well-known thought-leader in human resources and frequent speak and advisor to the Fortune 500 companies) states:

2012 Will Be “The Year of the Mobile Platform”: By the end of 2012, even the skeptics will have to admit that the mobile platform will have become the dominant communications and interaction platform by early-adopting best-practice organizations. The capabilities afforded users of smartphones and tabletdevices grows immensely day by day.

CRN (association of technology resellers) reports:

2012: The Year of Enterprise Mobility. The desktop computer is already taking a backseat to devices that give workers seamless access from anywhere, anytime, and that trend will continue into 2012 and beyond. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2015, smartphones and tablets will outnumber PCs 4 to 1.

Also in 2012, look for the mobile enterprise application market to explode, as more customers demand the user-friendly applications they enjoy on the consumer side to grow up for the business world.


What's New?

The Attain Group’s Robert Horne published this covers story about Smart Buildings in Cabling Network Systems magazine.

Download the PDF >>


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