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Urgent Fibre Relocation Smoothed and Costs Reduced by The Attain Group

The Attain Group coordinated the urgent relocation of fibre cabling in the absence of a telecom license agreement (TLA) and saved the client significant money in relocation fees and risk to the larger construction project.

May 4, 2017


The Attain Group has helped a major retail property management company to successfully navigate a variety of challenges related to the relocation of fibre cabling. Our work enabled a significant renovation project to proceed on time, saved the client substantial relocation fees, and uncovered new revenue-generating opportunities.

Attain was engaged to assist the property management company to review a telecom carrier's fee proposal for relocating fibre optic services, and to determine if the proposed fees were reasonable. Attain’s technical and legal insights allowed the client to move forward despite the absence of a telecom licence agreement (TLA).

By coordinating all parties involved – including the property management firm, the carrier, and thelocal hydro company – Attain helped to resolve the issues and ensured that the construction schedule proceeded as planned.

Derrick Hanson, CEO at The Attain Group said: “By leveraging our relationships within the telecom carrier community, we were able to successfully negotiate a settlement at a fraction of the original cost. In the process we also identified three new opportunities for space rental revenue (pursuant to the CRTC ruling) that our client can now pursue.”


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