Robert Horne

Executive VP

Robert is a client advocate. This led him to co-found Attain in 2004 out of a desire to apply his technology and business knowledge to help clients get the most from their buildings and the desire to create a company of great people that share this vision.

He has been actively involved in the telecommunications industry for almost 40 years. Robert’s experience includes the evaluation, planning, design, project management and full implementation of complex telecommunications systems for a range of clients with a focus on Federal Government and Shared Services Canada.

Robert believes that technology and innovation can enhance health and wellness in the workplace and can enable buildings to be a place where people can feel more connected to each other in meaningful ways.

Robert is a true problem solver. When working on projects, he sees the bigger picture of how technology can support the goals of a client. He tackles complex problems – managing requirements, time and budget – through unique solutions and collaboration with all teams involved in a project.

As executive V.P. of Attain, Robert’s role also includes corporate strategy and leadership.  Robert fosters a culture of client focus – ensuring that strategic counsel always sees things through the eyes of the client.

Outside of the office, Robert is passionate about health, fitness and wellness and follows a daily practice. His love of the outdoors and water have fueled 50+ years of water skiing and an annual white-water expedition. Robert has a strong faith and a close community.

Robert is a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), Network Transport System Specialist (NTS), author of industry articles and a frequent speaker at BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Services International) conferences in the U.S. and Canada.

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February 27, 2024
Today’s world makes the integration of technology into our daily lives a necessity. We stand at the forefront of this integration, focusing on two critical areas: efficiencies in security &[...]
Author: Robert Horne
Executive VP
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This is when the table is being set. The preliminary budget is being developed, the scope of the project is discussed and honed, and the major shareholders and end users are identified. This is where the big ideas can begin to percolate and excitement builds.

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Determining Budget

Scope Assessment

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