Harvey Ehrenholz

Director, Wireless & Networking

Having filled high-tech roles for 25 years in Electronics and systems integration, Harvey has extensive experience in design and deployment across WLAN, in-building cellular and outdoor broadband wireless solutions.

Harvey has worked with the Attain team for 12 years as client, collaborator and now as Director of Wireless and Networks.

Harvey has an insatiable love for the wonders that technology and science present. A diverse range of experiences and training produce imaginative and unique solutions to tough client challenges.

Harvey is dedicated to mobilizing our workforce and enabling personal connections – making Wireless Technology work for Attain’s clients.

Harvey’s collaborative approach to problem solving means applying a wide range of tools to the varied and unique challenges presented by our client base.

Harvey has held an iBwave level-3 certification for 6 years.

Enjoying a range of hobbies, Harvey spends time gardening, preparing great food, and creating with home-built 3D printing and CNC tools.

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