Don Hailstone, RCDD, PMP

In west Nova Scotia born and raised Canada’s ocean playground is where I spent most of my days Managing, designing with all my crew And auditing all technology that is old or new.

Bill Blackburn

When not enjoying activities on the water, Bill is hard working, dedicated individual with 35+ years experience in the business.

Ashley Lawrence

The perfect mix of kindness, organization and force – she is the glue that keeps us together, and the wizard that keeps us on track.

Andy Campbell

Employee #1 of Attain. The first to jump into the adventure 16 years ago and a highly skilled Designer. He’s often found making the Attain world spin flawlessy behind the scenes, while lending his skills as a community builder at every opportunity.

Amanda Vick

Hardworking, friendly and always happy to help out.

Abs Shah

An innovative mind with great attention to detail – he supports the intersection between technology, design and build.