Jessica McGinn

Director, Real Estate and Customer Success

Meet Jessica, our Director of Real Estate and Customer Success. Jessica diligently supports property managers in documenting telecom infrastructure. With an 8-year professional journey and acute industry insights, she’s wholly dedicated to alleviating clients’ daily challenges.


Prior to Attain, Jessica navigated London’s hospitality scene with a 4-star hotel chain, performing varied roles until emerging as a multi-property sales expert. These invaluable experiences sharpened her customer service acumen, now deployed seamlessly to ensure Attain’s clients experience unmatched support and value.


Drawn to Attain’s vibrant, award-winning environment, Jessica found alignment with its mission of integrating technology to enhance lives and boost work efficiency. In this innovative atmosphere, Jessica has not only found a space where her skills are maximized but also a place where the ethos of client ease through technology is deeply embedded in the work culture. Additionally, her expertise was acknowledged in 2018 when she was named the Legal Assistant of the Year by Faces Magazine Ottawa.


Tasked with implementing programs advancing building evolution and technology, Jessica, trained as a Law Clerk and an active member of the BOMA Emerging Leaders Committee, effectively bridges technology, real estate, and legal domains at Attain, embodying our client-focused essence.


Outside work, Jessica crafts, with a keen interest in crochet and doilies. It’s the extreme sport of the crafting world — requiring precision, patience, and the ability to turn yarn into tiny, delicate masterpieces on a whim! It’s a delightful peek into her commitment to precision and excellence, which is accurately mirrored in her everyday role at Attain.


Whether she’s crafting technology solutions or delicate doilies, Jessica’s work is a symphony of precision and passion. Through her role at Attain, she’s pivotal to furthering the company’s mission: deploying technology as an ease and efficiency tool, making her indispensable to both her team and clients.

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