For public- and private-sector clients who oversee significant properties, communication infrastructure is critical to a building's smooth operation, security, marketability and user satisfaction.

We partner with these clients to provide the design, installation, management and maintenance of communication infrastructures, vendors, and contracts.

Our services include:

Consulting & design Consulting & design of telecom networks, IT/network infrastructure, computer rooms, wireless networks, audio-visual networks, electronic security systems. Learn more about our design engineering, technical audits, cable plant design and retro-fit services. GO >
Real estate services Real estate services. We partner with property owners and managers, including telecom property management, license agreements, tenant technology services, building technology services and development projects. GO >
IT & cable plant services IT & cable plant services. We work closely with cable plant and IT managers on products such as cable plant design, consulting, lifecycle management, cable management, training and more. GO >
Government services Government services under various standing offers, including government managed cabling services. GO >

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