Government Services

We assist government departments and agencies to better understand, plan and manage their telecommunication and other communication and network infrastructures. We service the federal government under a variety of standing offers and procurement partnerships.

Comprehensive System Coverage

Only The Attain Group specializes in designing, tendering and overseeing the installation of these interconnected infrastructures:

  • Telecommunication infrastructure
  • IT & network infrastructure and data centres
  • Wireless networks
  • Audio-visual systems
  • Electronic security systems

Capabilities and Services

We can augment government IT teams, or can oversee projects from end to end. Our expertise and service can include:

Cabling Standards Development

We work with IT and cable plant managers to establish and document standards for cabling infrastructure. This enables government departments to provide end users with a proactive approach and methodology to meet all their cabling needs, while ensuring that telecommunication assets are streamlined, protected, and future-ready.

Managed Cabling Services

Abandoned cables and legacy connections congest communication conduits, wall and rack space. Abandoned cable also poses fire hazards and fire code makes building owners responsible for such violations. We help IT and cable plant managers by auditing, documenting, tracking and managing all existing telecommunications assets. We also establish a records management process and database.

Cable Plant Design – Relocation & New Construction

We help to plan, design, coordinate and project manage cable plant builds, moves and upgrades. We recommend asset re-use where possible, and provide functional requirements, CAD drawings, specifications, bills of materials, scope of work, a 25-year lifecycle plan, RFQs/RFPs, tender management, construction project management and more as required.

Lifecycle Management

We develop detailed lifecycle plans to ensure that the knowledge, infrastructure, assets and budget are in place to maintain communication infrastructure and to upgrade them as technology and requirements evolve over 5-25 years. This includes associated tasks and budgets, an up-to-date record of all low-voltage systems and a maintenance process, and telecom records management services.


To help IT and cable plant managers stay abreast of communication technology, changes in the telecommunication industry, regulations, codes and trends such as greening initiatives and smart buildings, Attain provides Telecom Training. Training can be accessed privately and through industry associations such as BOMA.

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