Doug Hanson

VP, Real Estate

With over 30+ years of experience in the industry, Doug joined Attain 6 years ago.

Doug believes that the best relationships and successful projects are a win-win for all parties.  He is highly experienced at business development and executive management, allowing him to play a critical role of unique trusted advisor for the clients and projects Attain supports.

He is a recognized thought leader in current and future opportunities for technology impacting the Real Estate market.   Most recently, he was featured as a 5G SME through BOMA.

As V.P. at Attain, Doug’s role also includes leadership and strategy.   He fosters a culture of innovation and growth across the team.

Outside of the office loves to spend time with family.  He fulfills his love of music as a singer/guitarist in an original band as well as a lead singer in a cover band.

Above all, Doug is true partner in all relationships.

Doug is proud to lead the BOMA 5G committee, pulling together the real estate and wireless carrier industry.

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February 1, 2022
  As part of our ongoing consultations with the real estate sector, we have been meeting with national portfolios and individual buildings to understand what challenges and opportunities they face,[...]
Author: Doug Hanson
VP, Real Estate
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This is when the table is being set. The preliminary budget is being developed, the scope of the project is discussed and honed, and the major shareholders and end users are identified. This is where the big ideas can begin to percolate and excitement builds.

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Determining Budget

Scope Assessment

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