Bruno Dubreuil

VP, Engineering

Bruno joined Attain in 2007, drawn by their vision to provide custom solutions to clients using technology agnostic, innovative approaches.

He has been in the telecommunications industry for more than 25 years.   His extensive experience in optical networks and data centres, coupled with planning and project management skills provide a unique foundation for supporting client solutions. His track record for the integration of complex designs and long-term planning for technical solutions have made him a leader in Smart Building design.

Focused on client success, Bruno plays a critical role in ensuring that client needs are well understood and that the best available solutions are created based on his experience and ongoing research in the field.

As V.P. Engineering at Attain, he provides leadership in ensuring the optimal client experience with solutions that hit the mark on needs, budget, and timing – as well as risk analysis and mitigation.

He is a designated professional engineer with accreditations across several provinces, as well as an accredited Tier Designer for data centres.

Outside of the office, Bruno spends time with his family and feeds his intense curiosity with hobbies, books, and activities.

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This is when the table is being set. The preliminary budget is being developed, the scope of the project is discussed and honed, and the major shareholders and end users are identified. This is where the big ideas can begin to percolate and excitement builds.

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