Meet The Fourth Utility – Structured Cabling

  The initiative to make buildings more comfortable, environmentally responsible, and cost-efficient is cementing structured cabling as the 4th utility. The following paragraphs will demonstrate how well-designed structured cabling systems have a positive impact on building operating expenses, building life cycle costs, and the productivity of the organizations occupying those buildings.    Increasing Productivity with Easy […]

Takeaways from BOMEX 2021 

Two people walking inside of a smart building

“Expect to Win”  On October 20 and 21 the BOMEX 2021 Virtual conference was held.  One of the keynote sessions was titled “Mental Health and Its Impact on Your Elite Team” hosted by Nick Nurse, Head Coach of the Toronto Raptors and hosted by Kerris Hougardy, Vice President, People at Ada.  Most readers would know about Nurse’s recent success, […]