Ashley Lawrence

Director, Operations

As Attain’s Director of Operations, Ashley takes care of the company with a blend of kindness, organization, and force. With 15 years of experience in operations (HR, marketing, sales, finance) and team management, she knows how to wrangle everyone, leading her team with grace, understanding and heart-based leadership.


Ashley is a constant support to her colleagues and works tirelessly to ensure everyone feels heard, seen, and understood, whether that’s within the operations team or throughout all sectors of the company. From the day someone interviews through to retirement celebrations, she is proud of Attain’s intentional human-centric culture. Nothing sums up her feelings about Attain better than her belief that “We genuinely are an entire organization of people that give a $#!%.”


She believes that Attain is a place to grow roots, make an impact, and help people reach and surpass their career goals and expectations. In her role, her aim is to strategically position Attain to be ready for rapid growth, a task she takes on with enthusiasm and pride.


Some of her major accomplishments include driving the Attain culture of work-to-live, not live-to-work, heart-centred leadership, and providing the resources and support to ensure our team members have everything they need to be successful, from processes to benefits to the launch of our HRIS system and more.


Ashley believes that every day is an adventure. The work will always be there, but the human connection is what matters most.


Above all, she is a people person. Ashley has spent almost 20 years working with youth/teen organizations and is passionate about caring for others and providing a safe space for youth to find their place in the world.


Outside of work, she can often be found enjoying time with her own teenagers and looking for the best new place to get coffee.

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