Attain Evaluates the Market Value of Commercial Rooftop

Client: Conference Centre

Project Summary:

Comprehensive audit & market value assessment of rooftop assets


A conference center in Quebec was receiving a high number of requests from carriers interested in locating wireless infrastructure on the center’s rooftop. The centre wanted to fully understand the value of its rooftop property, the implications of allowing carriers to install equipment on it, and how to charge for the rooftop real estate.


The Attain Group conducted an audit of the client's rooftop property, with a focus on its ability to support wireless infrastructure, associated safety considerations, and its revenue generating potential.

Work Performed:

Our audit answered key questions that every building owner should ask, including:

  • How valuable is my rooftop?
  • What license agreements do I have in place?
  • What agreements should I have in place?
  • What are the safety considerations involved in locating wireless assets on my rooftop?


Our audit report provided the conference center with details that will affect its revenue-generating abilities. For example, the advent of cellular extension services will begin to change conference centers’ traditional model of offering Internet connectivity to exhibitors.