Attain Services Reduce New Telecom Construction Costs by 25%

Project Summary:

Telecom building condition report and recommendations


A government department had recently purchased a 40,000 square foot building with an existing telecom infrastructure in place. The department wished to assess the existing infrastructure, identify which components were re-usable and of value, and determine whether any additional telecommunications equipment needed to be installed to meet the department’s needs.


The Attain Group provided its Telecom Building Conditioning Report service to the client. This service included:

  • Examination of inside and outside plant infrastructures to ensure that telecom rooms were sufficient and appropriately placed.
  • Conduit assessments to ensure that sufficient pathways for low-voltage systems were present
  • Rooftop audits to ensure that the existing wireless rooftop telecommunications infrastructure was sufficient

Work Performed:

In delivering the Telecom Building Conditioning Report service, The Attain Group audited and assessed the existing cable pathway infrastructure (both copper and fibre) to determine its inherent asset value and its reusability. Based on its assessment of the existing telecom infrastructure, The Attain Group was able to provide a report detailing further telecommunications equipment that would be required to meet the department’s needs.


Based on The Attain Group’s review, the department was able to reclaim a large portion of the building’s existing telecom infrastructure. By reusing the existing assets identified by The Attain Group, the department was able to save 25% of the total telecommunications construction budget cost.