Rooftop Audit Uncovers $125,000 in Unrecognized Revenue

Project Summary:

Comprehensive inventory & audit of rooftop assets


A large property management firm with 20 properties across Canada wanted to inventory and audit all rooftop antennas across its portfolio of commercial buildings. The company was particularly interested in learning its liabilities regarding rooftop telecom equipment, the impact of antennas on roof membranes, and whether it had appropriate license agreements in place with the antenna owners.


The Attain Group provided its Telecom Building Conditioning Report services to the client, focusing on rooftop assets.

Work Performed:

To assess the state of the client’s rooftop properties, The Attain Group undertook the following work tasks:

  • Created diagrams of each rooftop property complete with locations of all rooftop antennae
  • Numbered, photographed, and tagged each rooftop antenna
  • Examined installations and noted if any antennae were improperly installed and/or damaging the rooftop membrane
  • Examined the telecom license agreement for each antenna and calculated its associated revenue and market rate value


Based on the rooftop audit, The Attain Group was able to identify $125,000 in overlooked telecom licensing revenue to which the property management firm was entitled. The Attain Group continues to provide its Telecom Maintenance & Planning services to this client, as well as Tenant Telecom Interface services to some of this client’s properties.