Industry Watch:  In-Building Wireless Services

Building owners looking for new opportunities to generate revenue and foster tenant loyalty should seriously consider in-building wireless services.   Wi-Fi "hot spots" are perhaps the most common of these services, but carriers are now beginning to offer enterprise-ready wireless services that building owners should become knowledgeable about.

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As engineers, we have expanded the level of service that we provide to our clients:

  • For real-estate clients: we can provide base building engineering services and we can become a member of your design team for new constructions, tenant improvements, and capital projects.

  • For architect and engineer clients: we can become a member of your design team, enabling you to provide specialty services that you may not have been able to offer in the past.

Please contact us to discover how we can bring value to your next project.

Take AIM - and Generate New Services Revenues

In many business and commercial properties, telecommunications cabling fit-ups, including moves, adds and changes are completed by the tenant. Multiple tenant-chosen service providers and their subcontractors regularly perform work that affects a building's walls, rooftops, conduits and cable tray.   In short, telecommunications cabling has an impact on property owners' liability - yet too often, the property owner is not in control of the cabling in its own buildings.

The Attain Infrastructure Management (AIM) program is a turnkey service comparable to other construction fit-up services such as mechanical, electrical and HVAC. AIM provides building owners and tenants with a single point of contact and qualified oversight for all telecommunications cabling concerns, from specifying the cabling design to drawing the plans, submitting them to tender, negotiating contracts, project management and commissioning, as well as managing ongoing changes.

The AIM Program does more than reduce hassles and risks. It also presents a new and valuable revenue-generating opportunity for real estate owners, property managers and facilities departments who offer the program as a service to tenants, just as they offer other construction related services. Your tenants will thank you for it! Read a recent case study about how Attain saved a tenant more than $100,000 on communications cabling.

To learn how to manage and market these additional services to your tenants, we invite you to talk to Christine Doyle, Attain's Senior Manager of Real Estate Services. For complete details about AIM Services and how they can benefit you and your tenants, please visit www.theattaingroup.com

Industry Watch: Pre-Terminated Cabling Systems

As Bob Dylan says, "…the times, they are a-changin'! The world of telecommunications continues to evolve - and not always as we think it will.

Pre-terminated cabling systems are a new tool for building owners.

The system offers several advantages:

  1. Reduced labour costs: Pre-terminated cables are pre-tested, resulting in higher quality control and reduced labour requirements for installation. The manufacturers say pre-terminated systems can save up to 40% on installation costs.
  2. Substantial time savings: for high-churn clients related to moves, adds and changes, because the system can be zone-distributed with plug-and-play components.
  3. Reduced fire hazard: At least one manufacturer is armouring its pre-terminated cabling and using low-smoke, zero-halogen plastics on the component housings. With the cables encased in a non-combustible sheath, dangerous and toxic smoke caused by burning communications cables is substantially reduced or eliminated.
  4. Abandoned cabling: will no longer be an issue because 90% of the pre-terminated cabling can be reused.
  5. It's Green: Because the components are pre-terminated and plug-and-play, they are also reusable in many circumstances, which is good for business and the environment.

This is the just one of the many trends in telecommunications that affects property managers, their building infrastructures, and their tenants. The Attain Group provides its real estate clients with invaluable expertise to ensure the integrity and safety of their properties and tenants. For more information about any telecommunications concern in your building, please contact Christine Doyle Sr. Manager of Real Estate Services at 613-739-9424 x 226.



Workshop: Best Practices in Telecom for Building Operators

Enrol in BOMA Ottawa's full-day training course specifically designed with building operators in mind. The Attain Group has designed and will present this one-day course. For details, click here

Think Green!

Pre-terminated cabling systems are a green option for telecommunications. They reduce the amount of cabling used on each floor and the cabling can be easily reused or relocated.


Christine Doyle Joins The Attain Group as Sr. Manager of Real Estate Services

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